Medium And Photos

The medium you choose depends first on your personal preference. Consider a couple of things when choosing your medium.

  • Oil takes the longest as it needs time to dry, and then it needs to be varnished for protection. 
  • Watercolor and pastel need to be framed under glass

 All fine art takes time to create.


The reference material or photos are of the most importance. Here is what JoAnn says about the photos;

“The painting depends on my ability to see the subject. I find that when I take photos, I like to be on the same level as my subject.  If it is a small dog, I will get down on the ground, or the same eye level, so the subject is not distorted. I take many, many photos, with the hope that one or two will be what I am looking for.  Then the work begins, with numerous small drawings and sketches, to see how the composition will look in the painting.  I try to not only capture a likeness, but to create a work of art that will grace your home forever”.